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With the Yi, we begin to feel earth beneath our feet. It is no longer enough for us to know, to intuit, to envision and to dream. Now we must put the solid weight of our being, the power of our intention, behind the knowing that is in our heart. When the Yi is fulfilling its function, we fully commit ourselves to manifesting our destiny and to bringing the light of our spirits into the world around us. The Yi is the soul aspect that lets the world know that we mean to stand by our dreams. 

The Yi are the spirits of receptive, creative energies of the earth. Their function is to receive the messages of the Shen through the imprint of the Hun and then manifest the way of heaven in concretized form. The Yi are the spirits that give us the capacity for sustained intention, purpose, clarity of thought, altruism and integrity. They are related to the emotions of sympathy and the organ of the Spleen. 

The Yi collection inspired by the earth element, and late summer season. It helps you feel more comfortable in your soul and body. The carefully selected materials create harmony, balance, love in your every day life. Wear these jewelries every day so you can feel the support anytime when you need it. 

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