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Integrate the essential elements into your every day life, using crystals, practicing qigong and rituals, listening healing sounds, and meditating with powerful symbols. This is the essence of Namasoul's heart mission. Find keys to make your life better, peaceful and balanced. 

Hello Dear!

Hi, I'm Alexandra, founder and designer of Namasoul's universe. I am a full time mum of two boy, and a self-employed artist, with big dreams. I created this business 3 years ago in 2020, that time I didn't know yet, that as mum will be so hard to maintain balance between different roles as a woman. I was so tired disappointed as mompreneur, cause I didn't what should I do to maintain a healthy balance between family and work. So I started to search after different solutions to make my days and life easier, to get more energy and happiness.  Nowadays it's not easy to find enough balance, take time to recharge, and get back the real feminine power without going crazy in masculine energy. After a lot of searching I found the qigong and traditional chinese medicine, what I could combine easily with crystals, plants, and sound therapy.

So I collected all of my experiences, knowledge to give birth to something special for you. My main goal is to help you to find peace, harmony, beauty, joy trough crystals, symbols, sounds, and movement so you can find these not just around you, but also inside you. I asked the help of the ancient elements, taoism, and celestial energies to help in your self-knowledge journey in the circle of seasons.

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