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According to traditional Chinese medicine, which is based on Taoist philosophy and the five-element theory, the Fire element is one of the most important basic elements of the body.

It is associated with the heart and small intestine area. The Fire element is responsible for circulation, digestion, metabolism, communication, and creativity in the body. This element symbolises activity, joy, happiness, enthusiasm, and passion.

Not only organs but also emotions, seasons, colours, tastes, and sounds are associated with the Fire element.

Let's summarise them in a few points:

Season: Summer

Colour: Red

Taste: Bitter

Sound: HA

Positive emotions and virtues: Joy, love, happiness, creativity, enthusiasm, completeness Negative emotions: Impatience, hatred, annoyance, haste, disappointment

Yin organ: Heart

Yang organ: Small Intestine

Sense organ: Tongue

Body part: Blood vessels

Sensation: Taste

Scent: Smoky, burnt

Spiritual connection: Shen

The Fire element itself is happiness, which manifests itself in the form of love, laughter, and enthusiasm towards the external world. During the summer months, we experience these qualities the most powerfully. The warmth of fire helps us to become more open to the outside world, express ourselves freely, communicate clearly, and with ease. At this time, we expand energetically, and the power of the sun fills us with energy, joy and happiness.

When the Fire element is weaker within us, we lack a sense of completeness, we close ourselves off and do not open up, timidly observing life around us. We lack joy, empathy, and motivation.

If we want to experience our Fire quality harmoniously, it is important to nourish it. The Wood element can be the most helpful in this. We can strengthening our inner flame trough practicing kindness, gratitude, being helpful, if we trying to notice the good side of things is also fire nourishing.

We can also eat foods that nourish the Fire element, such as bitter foods, or a fresh refreshing salad, yogurt, sour and bitter fruits. Red crystals like garnet, ruby, rubellite, rhodocrosite, carnelian ect. supports your inner fire's balance, they are ignite your soul and help calm down your heart, you will be more grounded using these minerals. Practicing gentle qigong, 6 healing sound meditation can help harmonise the fire and heat in our body and spirit. We can wear red clothes, accessories to connect with fire.

In case of an excess of the Fire element, one may become "too much," which can be a disturbing characteristic for others. We may feel that others cannot keep up with us, we are too loud, and constantly active. Let us be careful not to let the Fire element burn us out, but bring healthy joy, good mood, inspiration and love into our days.

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