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Inner Alchemy card deck


The Inner Alchemy card deck was born to support you on the journey of self-knowledge and to give you a tool that you can use to create balance in yourself and in your environment. This deck is a fusion of different teachings, subjects, which take physical form on the cards with the help of special symbols. The cards are the essence of connecting different teachings such as the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the magical world of minerals, colors, symbols, sounds, Tao Qigong and herbs with essential oils. I wish you a useful companion during your everyday life!


You can read the cards with the Inner Alchemy application what you can download from your appstore. When you install the application you will find useful and interesting always fresh contents. You will also find the meanings of the cards. 


The deck contains 30 card, with beautiful gold foil, vibrant colours, wrapped in a natural cotton pouch.


Inner Alchemy card deck

Ft12,000 Regular Price
Ft10,000Sale Price
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